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My Story


My goal is to use wildcrafted and ethically harvested plant extracts to tell intricate and multilayered myth and story through scent. Each of my perfumes starts first with a unique experience that leads me to explore creative ways of extracting each element of the story in an olfactory way. The end product is a rich and complex story fragrance that continues to evolve from start to finish...just like as any exciting story would.

Additionally, I am an herbalist as well as an aromatic artist and I enjoy the intersection between plant medicine, folklore, myth, and personal expression.   I thoroughly enjoy offering classes both online and in person to help others learn how to create healing remedies and plant-based fragrance that ties directly into their unique personal mythology.

I am blessed to have been one of Rosemary Gladstar's final apprentices and continue to study with herbalists and botanical perfumers like Mandy Aftel and Jessica Ring.

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