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Work Study Information

I have been fortunate to have many different types of learning environments in my journey and one of the models that I have always had respect for was the work-study model.  The benefits far exceed the dollars saved on having to pay the fee for a course by allowing you the opportunity to take home a deeper connection to the land and a more in-depth engagement with the philosophy of your teacher.  The work is physical and dirty but rewarding.  It allows for teamwork and colloboration., and a collective vision that allows for the creation of a functional, beautiful and sacred energy to the land in which the teachings take place.


The ideal candidate will possess:


  • A strong work ethic and sense of responsibility to their commitment

  • Physical ability to do manual labor including weeding, planting, fencing, raking, clearing land of brush, tending bees

  • Attention to detail when help is needed with product packaging and mailing

  • A willingness to learn and take part in the sacred aspects of beekeeping and plant medicine

  • Creativity and good problem-solving skills

  • Knowledge of social media to assist with promotions and exposure

  • A positive, fun, and playful demeanor even when doing hard work.

  • A team player who is eager to share and contribute but also to learn and grow.

  • No allergies to bee venom




  • A $50 application fee which will be refunded if you are not selected for the position

  • The ability to put in 35 hours of work over the length of the program (8 months March-October)

  • Assistance with bee installation in late April

  • Assistance with the construction of a new electric fence for bees in the beginning of April as soon as ground thaws.

  • Assistance with the planting of a woodland medicinal garden

  • Assistance with the planting of an aromatic flower garden for the purpose of essential oil distillation.

  • The ability to be able to work on weekends if you are unable to do hours on Fridays.


If interested please email me below and a Google application form will be emailed to you.





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